DHL – Oakdale Industrial Estate+

DHL is the global market leader in international express, overland transport and air freight, and also offers customers everything from courier pick-up to supply chain management.

DHL operates out of 220 countries and territories and has a global workforce of 300,000 employees. DHL are Goodman’s second largest customer by space occupied.

Key details:

Property details

Oakdale Industrial Estate, Eastern Creek, NSW, Australia




Warehouse 4: 31,745 sqm comprising warehouse, office and two dock offices.

Sustainability success
  • 100,000 litre rainwater harvesting tank for use in the amenities and landscaping
  • Warehouse wall insulation and solar hot water heating
  • Light zoning and motion sensors to reduce electrical demand

DHL were attracted to Oakdale Industrial Estate’s size and strategic proximity to the M4 and M7 Motorways.


With three existing facilities at Oakdale Industrial Estate and looking to expand their operations within the estate, DHL requested Goodman undertake development of a fourth generic facility without a committed customer. This meant that the racking layout and office fitout needed to be generic, rather than tailored to a specific need.

However during the construction phase, DHL won a contract with a new customer who required the installation of an automated racking system. With the initial design phase complete and works underway, Goodman needed to integrate the requirements of the new racking system into the design.

Goodman Solution

Goodman worked in close consultation with DHL and the various contractors and sub-contractors to ensure all aspects of the new racking requirements were understood and carefully integrated into the design. Where answers were not known, future proofing was put in place, including thickening of slabs, additional electrical services for future usage and modifications to fire services. This ensured the most cost effective solution was achieved and no reworks required.

The new facility is DHL’s fourth within Oakdale Industrial Estate, enhancing their “campus style” approach to the estate. DHL were attracted to the site due to its size and strategic proximity to the M4 and M7 Motorways.